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A crime of identity, Artist Lizania Cruz at Alma|Lewis

TL;DR, Summary, Breakdown My first impression of Performing Inquiry, The Alma|Lewis Gallery’s latest exhibit was confusion. I thought I was trying to understand a crime scene from the perspective of learning about how governments were investigating people and taking away rights. I was confused by the display of migration patterns into The Dominican Republic. I …

Bartees Strange is 🔥 Bartees Strange is ⚡️Bartees Strange is 🎸

TL;DR, Summary, Breakdown: Fire, Electricity, Guitar I met Bartees Strange for a few minutes before his show, his tour opener at The Thunderbird in Pittsburgh last Thursday night. He’s soft spoken. He’s bald, squat, maybe even frumpy looking. He had a mask on — the smart thing to do in a crowd. I learned he …