Jeremy S. Richardson

Product Leader: Passionate about Quality and Equity in Education and Healthcare

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My Approach

  • Allowing the team to operate, giving them room to fail and learn
  • Asking essential questions to ensure people, process, culture and strategy, plans, and actions align to core values and mission.  This requires the curiosity to gain core understanding of customer, business, and technology
  • Asking essential questions to identify root problems
  • Getting dirty and intervening in critical situations
  • Teaching leaders to do the same
  • Regular 1:1 meetings with team members, to understand and support team members’ goals and motivations
  • Strong communication and engagement up to C-suite, while communicating and integrating with managers, individual contributors, and cross-functional team members
  • Finding process and encouraging attitudes that contribute to different ways of thinking to build a deep, rich, shared understanding. I believe this is the true value and meaning of diversity.


  • Values driven leadership, starting with a deep commitment to people and meaningful problems; acted out by humble service to employees and customers
  • A core understanding of running a business or product, from strategy to product to P&L based on 4 years as a founder and 10 years as a product leader
  • A deep interest in understanding problems integrated with the abilities to understand technological solutions and communicate between subject matter experts and technical staff
  • Deep experience in product and software development lifecycles and processes
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