4-year Build of Small but Mighty Startup

Jeremy S. Richardson

Product Leader: Passionate about Quality and Equity in Education and Healthcare

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Bootstrapping a healthcare UX / workflow consulting business into a products and services organization

Role I Played

  • As a founder, actively used business financials, P&L, to judge tradeoffs and make appropriate decisions
  • Led strategic transition from consulting to Fluency product, which would become a leading radiology reporting tool
  • Co-owned ideation and requirements for products, including engaging customers/providers to understand core problems.
  • Managed and executed product development for high-profile consulting customers
  • Architected and led development of back-end platform while consulting, which became framework for later products
  • Identified and implemented necessary process for development and operational support, such as issue tracking, SCM, and agile process

Key Results

  • Successful exit after 4 years with no investors or debt, to a well aligned partner (M*Modal), and long-term goals to build out Fluency
  • Aunt Minnie Best New Radiology Vendor 2011
  • 10 blue-chip customers, who trusted our small but mighty company, Including Philips, Kaiser Permanente, Geisinger, University of Chicago, Carolinas/Atrium


  • Four years of lessons around leadership, communication, resilience, humility, challenge, grit, disappointment, and glory
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