Product Management: How Vanguard looks at Net Promoters and KPIs

As a human being, I’m constantly skipping surveys. As a product nerd, I find it really interesting to review them. They can tell you what the surveyor really values.

Let’s look at one from Vanguard and try to figure out who they are and think through the value of their survey.

Will you recommend us? If you will, you are a net promoter. If not, you are either neutral, or worse, a net detractor. This is the most important question because it provides a general feeling about the company, service, or product. It’s very intentional that it’s the lead-in question and that even if you disregard the rest of the survey, it’s critical information for the service/product provider.

I think these are the most interesting questions. Vanguard knows I have pressure on my time and I’m ready to bail in a few moments. They only asked one additional page of 8 questions. So what do they ask: “how are we doing on things we value?”

The questions very likely get to the heart of the surveyor’s key performance indicators, KPI’s. These, in turn can be distilled into the surveyor’s values.

  • Easy to do business with
  • Necessary guidance based on an understanding of my goals
  • A leader in advice and cost
  • Is respected

When I finished the survey I thought, “They really respected my time, and kept it short.” I felt really positive. This goes a step further in that they really understand who they are and what they are doing. They are focused.

This is a great example from a great company.

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